Ada Leonora Bowley

Ada Bowley is another example of skilled Golden Age illustrator (1880s to the 1930s) that have produced a version of Alice in the Wonderland. Pook Press has celebrated this proficuous  period by reproducing several books first printed at that time, including several early editions of illustrated Alices. Ada Bowley art work for Alice, dated from 1921, was also reprinted more recently by Pook Press.


Bowley was an illustrator of children books, producing complex and beautifully coloured images. The original book was a “Come to Life” Panorama unfolding edition, where no credit is given to the illustrator (A. Bowley). Raphael Tuck later published a full book displaying a beautiful pop-up composition and many colour and black and white illustrations, where Ada is finally recognised as the illustrator (she worked for Raphael Tuck as a postcard illustrator and designer for years).

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